Techworld editor, Charlotte Jee, gives her opinion on digital disruption

Charlotte Jee, Techworld editor, IDG UK

What does your job entail and what do you enjoy about it?

My job is editor of Techworld, a title which focuses on exciting new technologies from startups, developers and beyond. My main responsibilities are coming up with ideas for features, editing and writing stories and representing us externally. For example, I host our annual awards called the techies. As part of my role as editor I meet with the IDG B2B team every week as a group and also weekly one-on-one, to discuss people’s schedules and ideas for stories. I enjoy virtually everything about my job – honestly! – but if forced to choose my favourite aspect is getting to work with such a lovely, clever and thoughtful group of colleagues, plus meeting so many fascinating people doing interesting work externally too.


Techworld focuses on digital disruption – what were your key highlights in 2017 with regards to digital disruption/innovation?

It’s been a pretty packed year but I think my main choices would be Apple’s adoption of facial recognition technology, voice-controlled assistants, the rise and rise of blockchain and the never-ending march of artificial intelligence.


What start-ups have you been particularly impressed with over the last few months?

It’s tough to single them out but one that comes to mind is MyTripCar. It’s taking on the car rental market, and not before time – as we all know, hiring a car is a minefield of hidden costs at the moment, so it’s great to see a startup taking on a broken industry. Another that springs to mind is called Sanctus – they are trying to encourage people to be more open about mental health, and I think that is fantastic.


What should we look out for in 2018?

Someone once told me predictions are a mug’s game – I’m inclined to agree but if pushed I’d say 2018 will be the year we see whether bitcoin is a bubble or not, as it is likely to end the year worth over £13,000 each. We will also see tech companies start to make real progress within the field of driverless car technology – that’s my hunch anyway.


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