Teens Share Strong Opinions on Internet and Wireless Usage With IDCs Share Strong Opinions on Internet and Wireless Usage With IDC

FRAMINGHAM, MASS., MARCH 28, 2000 – IDC’s Residential Broadband and Telecom, Wireless, and Branding research teams conducted focus groups with 21 teenagers last Thursday night to discuss wireless services and Internet access. These sessions revealed what technologies are – and aren’t – winning accolades from this key demographic.

Here are highlights from the participants’ comments:

— ONLINE SHOPPING – "Part of the mall is socializing. Chatting while shopping online isn’t really social. I’ll still go to the mall with friends."

— INTERNET SPEEDS – "Dialing in is so slow. I can get up and go fix a meal and still get back in time."

— WIRELESS WEB – "I'd use it if I was bored and had nothing else to do, like when I play snake."

— WIRELESS LOCATION – "Finding me for emergencies sounds cool, but none of that tracking-people-down stuff . . . It’s freaky . . . It’s like stalking. If you’re cheating on your girlfriend, you don’t want her to be able to find out where you are."

— WEARING A MOBILE PHONE – "That's for older people. It's too flashy. Even if it's a really cool looking phone, I wouldn’t wear it."

"This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interesting things these teens had to say," says Iain Gillott, vice president of Worldwide Consumer and Small Business Telecom for IDC, who moderated both groups. "These kids had major opinions on Internet usage, the amount of time Americans spend online, and Internet advertising. They know what they want from technology and how they want to interact with technology, but they also want instant availability and gratification."

IDC will be in Dallas tomorrow and Thursday for two additional evenings of focus groups with college students and adult consumers. Based on these focus groups, IDC will produce a complete analysis of the opportunities presented in these sessions in a series of reports. IDC is currently inviting vendors to participate in this research. If you are interested in participating in these focus groups or are interested in the research contact Jon Guloyan at 508-935-4296 or jguloyan@idc.com.

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