The ANZ Security Software Market is Changing, Says IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – APRIL 14, 2003 – IDC predicts strong growth for security software in Australia and New Zealand due to heightened awareness about the need to implement effective security strategies. Protecting corporate assets from theft, destruction or unauthorised access has always been a concern for organisations. However, now this concern has shifted to the top ten priorities of Australasian CIO's.


Megan Dahlgren, IDC Analyst for security, said, Organisations are now providing open, highly-available data to enhance and improve communication between customers, partners and employees. This greater degree of openness has also made corporate data and even the IT infrastructure itself, vulnerable to internal and external attacks. Companies will need to develop sound security strategies to address the growing complexity of threats to digital assets and the IT infrastructure. Antivirus and Firewall software are not sufficient to effectively protect an organisation from attack.

The following trends are a result of the new dynamics driving ANZ security software:

Antivirus market is growing. Antivirus software continues to be the strongest growing market in Security Software. As antivirus is typically the first line of defence in securing the IT infrastructure and the easiest, most cost effective way to address heightened concern and awareness around security. Also this software requires frequent updates, which results in a steady and continual source of revenue to antivirus vendors.

Firewall software market has matured. As most Australian and New Zealand companies have some form of firewall software, vendors are looking for new markets in the SME space with bundled hardware and software solutions.

Intrusion Detection and Identity Management are emerging markets. The heightened awareness around security has lead to a growing interest in large, more complex security software implementations such as Intrusion Detection and Identity Management. We are likely to see a high level of adoption of these technologies in the next few years.

The Security Software market has changed. Now senior management are aware that Antivirus and Firewall products are not enough to protect a company's data and IT infrastructure. Software cannot protect corporate data, systems and networks. However, a well thought out security strategy can. An effective security strategy requires strong company policies, software that maps back to that policy, and employee education about the company policy and the processes required to support it. Commented Megan Dahlgren, IDC Market Analyst for security.

IDC's 2002 market performance tracking indicates the security software market in Australia and New Zealand has grown at a rate significantly above the overall IT software market in those countries. This strong growth is predicted to continue, with security software expected to be a high growth area in 2003 and beyond.

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