The CMO Perspectives video series, raising IDG’s visibility and opening doors to new business

Josh London, CMO, IDG Communications, Inc.


In January 2016, IDG Communications created the CMO Perspectives video series to build stronger relationships with clients and share ideas regarding their strategy, structure and goals. Now, 52 videos later, CMO Perspectives has raised visibility of important topics with leading marketers, leading to deeper strategic engagements.

IDG communications CMO, Josh London, interviews the marketing executives, usually in their own offices, for the video. On the day of the shoot, London first meets off camera with the subject to discuss their team’s strategy and goals for the coming year. “Since CMOs are more likely to answer a question from a peer, we use this time to gain specific account intelligence,” he said.

The interviews combine a mix of standard questions, as well as questions that are unique to each participating company. The core areas London focuses on are content marketing, demand generation, events and account-based marketing, and any additional questions that align with current hot topics.

“We find that CMOs have similar challenges and opportunities regardless of company or industry, and they appreciate hearing how their colleagues are addressing these issues.”

After the interview, London wraps up the day by offering the CMO a strategy and planning meeting between the client’s marketing leadership team, an IDG Communications programme architect and a salesperson to review the company’s goals for the next 12 to 18 months, as well as reviewing current IDG research and programmes.

“Most clients find that they are doing point programmes with us rather than a comprehensive effort marketing approach that spans geographies and business units. The ‘take rate’ for these offers has been 100%, and those meetings often lead to more strategic programmes.”

As the series developed, London began to receive a number of inbound requests from PR agencies and CMOs themselves. “The video team do a fantastic job shooting and editing these videos, and it’s incredibly collaborative with the great work being done by members of the marketing team such as video editing direction and social promotions, with Lynn Holmlund and Haley Pollard handling logistics, video editing direction and social promotions.”

To promote the series, the IDG marketing team shares 30-60 second videos via social and on the blog.  The CMOs and their social media teams also promote the videos over an extended period of time from their personal accounts and corporate social accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, reaching millions of social followers and resulting in broad exposure for the videos.
The blog posts featuring CMO Perspectives videos are used to capture prospect interest. “We also create compilation videos where we feature six CMOs’ approaches to content marketing, or events, for example – these videos drive interest to a wider audience.”

The next interviews to be released are with the CMos of SAP and NTT Data.

See all past IDG CMO Perspectives videos here, and follow IDG UK on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest interviews.

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