The Shift Toward Computing Utility Could Radically Alter the Delivery of Desktop Management Services, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA — NOVEMBER 6, 2000 — Dramatic changes are arising in the delivery of desktop services to the end user. These changes involve not only a new set of players but also a new service infrastructure in which desktop services are provided as a set of utility offerings. According to IDC, the composition of new players includes a triumvirate of service providers — desktop-centric vendors, facilities-based providers, and application infrastructure providers (AIP) — each of which contribute a key and complementary capability in supporting the delivery of "desktop" computing utility services.


"The success of this model hinges on a broad set of factors, including how well the triumvirate of new players coordinates the delivery of such a service to the end user," said David Tapper, manager for IDC's Networked Infrastructure Management Services program. "For old and new players alike, this new desktop paradigm will provide several challenges."

According to IDC, the inherent demands of provisioning a desktop utility service requires incumbent players to radically alter their operational processes and service delivery infrastructure. New players face the daunting task of aligning their infrastructure capabilities to the new model and building a strong reputation while at the same time fending off competition from existing players.

"As history has shown in the telecommunications and electrical utility industries, room exists for just a few winners to carve a niche in the desktop computing utility marketplace," Tapper said.

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