Three’s a Charm as IDC Announces Preliminary Year End Document Management Software Market Leaders and Revenue Estimates

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 14, 1999 — For the third straight year, Documentum is celebrating top honors in the battle for electronic document management (EDM) software revenues, generating $82.3 million. Documentum’s continued success is the result of a holistic approach to the EDM life-cycle, a vertically-focused market strategy, and an increased number of repeat sales.

PC DOCS Fulcrum, with its new management team in place, closely followed Documentum with $76.23 million in total software revenues. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), this year has been quite tumultuous for PC DOCS Fulcrum; however, with a revised market strategy, key market targets, and a new management team, this company is poised for a comeback. Finally, Filenet and Open Text, with $66.04 million and $40.8 million respectively, are commanding a strong presence in the EDM space. With a focus on integrated offerings, collaborative tools, and diversification, both companies are well positioned to lead the market.

On the other hand, the market continues to ask, ?Where is Microsoft?? The one player who is perfectly positioned to be the de facto infrastructure for document management, has absolutely no play in this market, except through business partners like Eastman, Keyfile, and Filenet. Without a fast move into this market, enterprise players such as Lotus and Open Text will continue to narrow Microsoft?s potential market opportunity.

"Trends such as international market penetration, channel partner development, and intranet-based tools continue to fuel a significant portion of the growth of the EDM markets,"said Amie White, senior analyst of IDC’s Document, Image and Workflow Management research service. "Additionally, the convergence of document technologies into fully integrated product suites will be standard by the turn of the century."

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