Top CSOs and Law Enforcement Leaders to Speak at The Security Standard

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – JULY 11, 2006 – The Security Standard has billed itself as the first conference to bring together business and technology thought leaders to explore all aspects of building a secure organization, and with today's announcement of an impressive array of speakers, IDG Executive Forums' newest conference delivers on that promise. The Security Standard stage will host seasoned executives with a wide variety of perspectives, from a university security professor (just a note, he doesn't want Harvard in his title now, so we may not want to say this), to a Department of Homeland Security deputy director, to the CSO of BT Radianz Inc. Conference attendees will also hear from the FBI's Information Systems Security Officer, the CSO of AT&T, the CEO of the BITS Financial Services Roundtable, and the President and CEO of Cisco Systems, as well as top security execs from Microsoft, IBM, McAfee, KPMG, Zone Labs and Wal-Mart.

"A key element of The Security Standard will be learning lessons from those who have fought the security battle and won," says Bob Bragdon, Publisher of CSO Magazine and co-chair of the conference. "And we're particularly proud to have such a cross-section of business and technology leaders represented in our speakers."

In addition to John Chambers' keynote, which will include insights into Cisco's security forecast in his address titled "Security in an Interconnected World," the conference will feature a diversity of perspectives, including:

— Tom Bowers, Manager, Information Security Operations at a

Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company; John Schramm of Fidelity

Investments; and Scott Blake, CISO at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Group –

A look at how leading organizations are selling the value of

security investments from the board of directors on down.

— Bhavesh Patel, Director of Information Security at Genzyme

Corporation and Doron Rotman, Managing Director of Risk

Advisory Services at KPMG and Jay White, Global Information

Protection Architect, Chevron –

Balancing security and risk against cultural issues in a

multinational organization.

— Beau Brendler, Director at Consumer Reports WebWatch; Simson

L. Garfinkel, Columnist, CSO Magazine; and J. Trevor Hughes,

Executive Director at the International Association of Privacy

Professionals –

The impact of security and privacy concerns on customers.

— Lloyd Gauntlett Hession, Chief Security Officer at BT Radianz

and Lawrence K. Kinsella, Chief Financial Officer at BT Global

Financial Services –

Exploring how to build effective partnerships between CSOs and


— Scott Charney, Vice President, Trustworthy Computing at

Microsoft, Ben Fathi, Corporate Vice President, Security

Technology Unit at Microsoft, Ryan Hamlin, General Manager,

Technology Care and Safety Group, and Ted Kummert, Corporate

Vice President, Security, Access and Solutions Division,

Server and Tools Business –

Exploring the array of security efforts underway at Microsoft


— Stephen Hanna, Co-Chair, The Trusted Network Connect Sub Group

at The Trusted Computing Group; Donald Kneitel, US Global

Technology Service National Practice Leader at IBM; and John

N. Stewart, Vice President and Chief Security Officer,

Corporate Security Programs Organization at Cisco Systems –

The critical decisions and key points in choosing an identity

and access management strategy.

— Nenette L. Day, Special Agent/Information Systems Security

Officer at the FBI; Michael Levin, Deputy Director, National

Cyber Security Division, Preparedness Directorate at the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security; and Robert Rodriguez of RDR

Associates –