U.S. Wireless Game Market Emerges – Three Industries Playing to Win, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – NOVEMBER 14, 2002 – The U.S. wireless gaming market is emerging as a viable long-term opportunity for game developers and publishers, wireless carriers, and wireless handset providers. According to a new study from IDC, Are We Having Fun Yet?: U.S. Wireless Gaming Forecast, 2002-2007, the number of total U.S. unique wireless gamers will climb from nearly 7.0 million in 2002 to 71.2 million in 2007.


The development of the U.S. wireless gaming market requires the successful triangulation of mutually dependent players, including handset providers, wireless carriers, and game developers and publishers. "Wireless gaming represents tremendous opportunity, but in order to reach its full potential, there must be cooperation among the three benefactors to work out key issues such as business models, the handset, and designating the appropriate content for the target demographics," says IDC's Schelley Olhava, program manager, Interactive Gaming.

Currently, domestic wireless carriers are pursuing 2.5G and 3G network upgrades to deploy next-generation wireless services that include wireless data applications. "Wireless games are a perfect example of the type of content that carriers are looking to offer," says IDC's Dana Thorat, senior research analyst, Wireless and Mobile Communication. "Gaming is ready to transition beyond the confines of the home to a truly mobile platform, and the emergence of next-generation networks and improved handsets make wireless gaming a reality."

Key Findings

The advent of faster processors, color screens, polyphonic sound, new battery technology and improved input control features will boost wireless gaming

Quality game content targeted to the appropriate demographics will be a driving factor for wireless gaming

Wireless gaming will promote the adoption of wireless data services by providing subscribers with a familiar activity

This in-depth study, Are We Having Fun Yet?: U.S. Wireless Gaming Forecast, 2002-2007 (IDC #28228), takes a three-dimensional view of the wireless gaming opportunity, examining the issues and trends from the perspectives of the game developers and publishers, the wireless carriers, and the handset providers. It also includes primary survey data examining current consumer demand for wireless gaming and IDC's expectations of the key target markets. The data, analysis, and conclusions in this study are created from IDC's extensive primary and secondary research resources, combined with the expertise of multiple IDC analysts and representatives from areas related to the wireless handset, wireless services, and interactive gaming markets.

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