Vendors and Technologies Converge to Address Emerging Web Services Orchestration Opportunity, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JANUARY 8, 2004 – According to IDC, vendors and technologies that have historically tackled different areas of application development, integration, and deployment environments are converging to address emerging Web services orchestration requirements. Crucial to the intersection of these vendors and technologies is tiered development and ultimate control over the over-arching business process. This is where IDC believes a power struggle is beginning to take shape.

"Although a desire for building composite applications and fulfilling process integration requirements is pervasive, the tolerance and justification for introducing another technology will be a hurdle that many vendors will initially face," says Sandra Rogers, research director for IDC's Web Services Software Service. "Orchestration technologies are still somewhat new to the marketplace and while it is rather early to start measuring the ultimate benefits of Web services orchestration, there is enough data for a company to begin analyzing whether an investment in orchestration makes sense."

Traditional development and platform vendors, enterprise application vendors, and newer business process and Web services start-ups as well as systems management providers are beginning to approach Web services orchestration in various ways. To eliminate confusion in an already uncertain marketplace, IDC advises vendors to have portfolios of best practices, educational guidance and clear-cut differentiation strategies.

Orchestration involves a development and deployment methodology that abstracts business processes from specific application logic and data sources. It enables the assembly of software components and specification of rules governing their interaction in order to execute business processes and workflows. Because this approach leads to different levels of programming, it is often associated with a "multilevel programming model". IDC believes this new market could potentially address, or possibly add to, the complexity of software development.

IDC's study, Web Services Orchestration: Composition Converges Around Process (IDC #30222), provides a comprehensive view of the emerging landscape for Web services orchestration. It provides a definition of orchestration, along with important attributes, issues, and trends associated with this development and deployment paradigm. This study reviews various types of technologies and vendors converging to address this opportunity and describes how a sample of software providers is approaching Web services orchestration.

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