Vietnam Computerworld Expo To premiere In 1996; First Computer Show In Vietnam Organized By U.S. Company To Premier In Ho Chi Minh City

BOSTON –Sept. 5, 1995–International Data Group

(IDG) announced its plans to launch Computerworld Expo in Ho Chi

Minh City, Vietnam, January 31-February 4, 1996.

The event will be co-organized by the Vietnam Chamber of

Commerce. Vietnam Computerworld Expo will be the first large-scale

international computer show in Vietnam since the formal recognition

of that country and normalization of trade by the United States.

The majority of the computer and telecommunications market is

located in the immediate area surrounding Ho Chi Minh City (formerly


Under the government's IT 2000 Master Plan, Vietnam's demand for

computers are projected to grow 20-30% annually. Dr. Dang Huu,

Minister for Science, Technology and Environment and Head of NLB,

said, "Our objectives until the year 2000 are building IT

infrastructure, widely applying IT in all national economic areas

and beginning to build the foundation for IT industry."

To meet these objectives, Huu estimates an initial investment of

500 million to 1 billion USD is needed. "We are pleased to have IDG

— a global leader in IT publishing, research and expositions —

stage the first Vietnam Computerworld Expo and enhance IT in

Vietnam," Huu stated.

"There is huge market potential for computers and related

products," said Gary Fung, Vice President of IDG World Expo (Asia).

"The number of PCs imported and used in Vietnam doubled from 15,000

to 30,000 units in just one year (1993/1994) and the total value of

software and services increased 50% from $4 million to $6 million

USD. The government is laying the groundwork and setting policy

that will let private and foreign enterprises develop and flourish

in the IT market. Now is the time for foreign suppliers to gain

market entry," concluded Fung.

International computer companies already doing business in

Vietnam include: Acer, Compaq Computer Corp., Digital Equipment

Corp., IBM Corp., IPC Corp., KT Technology, Microsoft Corp., and

Unisys Corp.

Vietnam Computerworld Expo is produced by IDG World Expo (Asia),

a division of International Data Group, a global leader in IT

publishing, research and expositions. IDG IT events around the

globe include expositions and conferences in China, Hong Kong,

Prague, Warsaw, Australia, Brazil and the U.K. For more

information on Vietnam Computerworld Expo, contact Dawn McKenna,

Vice President, IDG International Marketing Services, 508/879-0700.