Volano and JavaWorld Release First Java Virtual Machine Server-Side Scalability Report

San Francisco, CA, July 17, 1998 – Volano LLC, makers of the first 100% Pure Java(TM) chat server and JavaWorld, IDG's web-only magazine for Java developers and enterprise managers, released this week the first-ever benchmark report measuring server-side Java scalability. VolanoMark(TM) 2.0, a server-side Java benchmarking tool was used to compare twelve Java virtual machines (JVMs). The benchmark tests show that Java has enjoyed impressive performance improvements in the past several months, and is a viable option for commercial software running on servers. For the complete test results and more details, see "Which Java VM scales best?" in JavaWorld's current issue at http://www.javaworld.com/.

With the new crop of Java virtual machines due to ship this fall, Java on the server will become even more appealing. Scalability on the server-side is a crucial issue for developers implementing Java business applications. "JavaWorld worked closely with Volano to deliver this critically important benchmark to the developers who have been demanding this information from the magazine. Not only did we include detailed charts of the VolanoMark test results in the article, but we analyzed these results to help developers choose the best JVM, in terms of scalability, for their projects," said Jill Steinberg, Senior Editor, JavaWorld.

Of the currently available Java VMs that were tested, the clear leaders in terms of speed, stability, and network connection scalability are:

Speed: Microsoft SDK for Java Version 2.02

Stability: Sun JDK 1.1.5 for Solaris Production Release

Network Scalability: Microsoft SDK for Java Version 2.02

The high quality of the Java VMs that will be released later this year makes it more difficult to choose clear winners among that group. Based on the preliminary tests, however, these early releases give a hint as to who may lead by the end of this year:

Speed: Tower TowerJ 2.1.2 Java Compiler for Linux

Stability: Sun JDK 1.2 for Solaris Production Release

Network Scalability: Novell JDK 1.1.5 for NetWare 5

Processor Scalability: Sun JDK 1.2 for Solaris Production Release

"With performance of the various Java VMs ready for prime time, Java software developers can now target customers on a wider variety of platforms," said John Neffenger, founder and chief technical officer of Volano. "We're getting 4 million additional potential customers for free this fall thanks to Novell's upcoming release of Netware 5 with built-in Java support," he continued.

Performance-wise, the winner is a pre-release version of Tower Technology's TowerJ compiler, which generates a native executable from pure Java code that runs almost 25% faster than the fastest Java interpreter, even when the interpreter has a just-in-time compiler. Along with Tower, Microsoft, Novell, Sun, and IBM provide VMs that deliver strong performance, handling more than 1,000 messages per second.

About VolanoMark 2.0

The benchmark tests employed VolanoMark 2.0, a 100% Pure Java server benchmark characterized by long-lasting network connections and high thread counts. Volano has submitted this benchmark to the SPEC Open Systems Group for possible inclusion in the group's server-side Java benchmark suite. While the latest version of VolanoMark measures scalability, it also measures raw performance in terms of number of messages per second. VolanoMark 2.0 is currently being used by a number of leading Java vendors including BSDI, Hewlett-Packard, IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corp., Novell Inc., Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, SuperCede Inc., and Tower Technology.

About Volano

Volano LLC is the leading supplier of 100% Pure Java chat server solutions. Founded in 1996, Volano is a privately held company based in San Francisco, California, with customer server installations in 31 countries throughout the world. Customers include AT&T WorldNet Service, CyberCash, GeoCities Japan, Hiway Technologies, the United States Department of Energy, and Siemens/Nixdorf. A free evaluation and demonstration of VolanoChat is available on Volano's Web site at http://www.volano.com or by calling (415) 587-4297 for more information. Volano is a Sun (Nasdaq:SUNW) Java Developer and Catalyst Developer, an IBM (NYSE: IBM) Solution Developer, and a Netscape (Nasdaq: NSCP) Alliance DevEdge Partner.

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