Wal-Mart Executive Linda Dillman Selected for EMC Information Leadership Award

WASHINGTON, D.C. & FRAMINGHAM, MA- JUNE 5, 2006 – Information Technology leader Linda M. Dillman is being honored for her insight and ability to harness information to transform the way businesses operate, create innovative products and services, and advance the understanding of how the world works. Dillman, executive vice president, Risk Management, Benefits and Sustainability at Wal-Mart, led major technology initiatives while CIO at the world's largest retailer, and will be given the EMC Information Leadership award at the Computerworld Honors Gala Awards on June 5th at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

In explaining her operating philosophy, Dillman said: "We start with what the business requirements are…we don't do any technology implementations for the sake of technology." In an interview for the Computerworld Honors Global Archives, she discussed Wal-Mart's leadership position in installing a radio frequency identification (RFID) system for tracking goods from the manufacturer to the point of sale. Once the decision was made, Dillman and her IT team worked closely with the company's top 100 suppliers and "stuck to the belief that we started with, which was technology was going to work, and our focus was right."

"I'm probably a bit of a change junkie," added the long-time corporate executive. "The period when you are at your best is when you are going through change because all of your senses are awakened. You're thinking with parts of your brain you probably don't use the rest of the time."

Dillman was selected by the EMC Information Leadership Award Committee that included Sen. John Kerry, Geoffrey Moore, Dell Computer President and CEO Kevin Rollins, and Accenture Chairman Joe Forehand.

"EMC established this award five years ago to salute the men and women who have demonstrated remarkable and lasting success by innovating through information," said Michael C. Ruettgers, EMC's Special Advisor and Retired Chairman. "Linda and her highly talented team were in the vanguard of applying RFID technology on a huge scale, and were able to deliver dramatically higher levels of automation and efficiency to Wal-Mart's inventory management. In addition, Linda persuaded hundreds of Wal-Mart's suppliers to adopt the technology and, in fact, became the driving force behind the use of RFID throughout the retail industry. We're very proud to honor her accomplishments with the EMC Information Leadership Award."

Bob Carrigan, president, IDG Communications, and Chairman of the Chairmen's Committee of the Computerworld Honors Program said: "EMC selected a unique leader who combines business and technology acumen with the confidence to take on groundbreaking initiatives such as RFID. I congratulate Linda on this well deserved award and thank EMC for its commitment to the Information Leadership Award since 2001."

Each year, the award is bestowed as part of the Computerworld Honors Program where ten organizations will receive the prestigious 21st Century Achievement Awards for their use of technology that benefits society.

In addition to the EMC award at the June 5 Computerworld Honors gala, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AMD, Hector de J. Ruiz, Ph.D., will receive the 2006 Morgan Stanley Leadership Award for Global Commerce.

About the Computerworld Honors Program

Founded by International Data Group (IDG) in 1988, the Computerworld Honors Program is governed by the not-for-profit Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation. In its 18th year, Computerworld Honors is the longest running global program to honor individuals and organizations that use information technology to benefit society.

Each year, the program's Chairmen's Committee, a group of 100 Chairmen/CEOs of global technology companies, nominates individuals and organizations around the world whose visionary application of information technology promotes positive social and economic progress. Nominations are evaluated by an independent board of CIO-level judges who select laureates, finalists and award recipients, in 10 industry-related categories, to be honored at the Laureate Medal Ceremony. This year's ceremony and accompanying Gala Awards Evening will take place on June 5, 2006 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

About the EMC Information Leadership Award

Established in 2001, the EMC Information Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have the insight and ability to harness the repositories of intelligence within their information technology systems – and then use this knowledge to transform the way their businesses operate, create innovative products and services, and advance our understanding of how the world works. Previous winners of the EMC Information Leadership Award include: Edward C. Johnson 3rd, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Fidelity Investments; J. Craig Venter, President and Chairman, the Institute for Genomic Research; Kenneth D. Lewis, CEO, Bank of America; and Ralph Szygenda, Group Vice President and CIO, General Motors.