Web Intrusion Protection Spending Growth Will Triple by 2006

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JULY 18, 2002 – New research from IDC finds the Web intrusion protection market will rise to almost $700 million by 2006 compared with $65 million in 2001, representing a staggering compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60.5%. According to IDC, billions are currently being spent on network security, but Web sites and applications continue to be penetrated by hackers and crackers, meaning corporations are still vulnerable.


"With the Web intrusion protection market to nearly triple, the vast majority of existing vendors, and some yet-to-emerge vendors, will benefit greatly from the forthcoming realization that network security tools, such as firewalls and IDS, must be augmented by strong Web intrusion protection mechanisms," said Charles Kolodgy, research manager for IDC’s Internet Security Software service.

"Web presence for businesses today is essential, but just as it is essential, it is also the center of security problems," Kolodgy added. "Securing Web sites and the corresponding applications and databases is a difficult problem as Web sites exist to be accessible and firewall ports need to be left open for communication." IDC believes current network intrusion detection methods are not designed around the application layer and therefore cannot adequately protect against the many vulnerabilities targeted at this layer. Instead, products and solutions designed to thwart specific application-level attacks must be employed.

According to IDC, there are a number of companies now that are developing tools to solve unique and specific vulnerabilities of Web servers and Web applications. These defense tools encompass a variety of technologies, all of which have the same goal: ensuring trusted business platforms.

IDC’s recently released Web Intrusion Protection: Defending Web Servers and Applications (IDC #27542) explains the reasons behind the expected strong growth of the Web intrusion protection market. It also includes a comprehensive discussion of the current market situation as well as the representative vendors and products that are being designed to protect an organization’s Web presence.

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