Web-Site Analysis Applications – the Telescopes of Cyberspace – Zoom in on Visitors and Bust Out in Growth, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JANUARY 9, 2001 – The Web-site applications market is poised for substantial growth. With ecommerce booming, businesses are turning to solutions that collect, store, and analyze the resulting proliferation of customer data. According to IDC, this market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 75%, from $48 million in 1999 to nearly $800 million in 2004.

"Rudimentary Web-site visitor statistics are no longer enough," said Dan Vesset, senior analyst for IDC's Data Warehousing and Information Access program. "Because of the demands facing ebusinesses to understand buying behaviors and build customer relationships, the basic server log-based traffic analysis applications that once dominated the market are being replaced by more sophisticated Web-site analysis applications today."

According to IDC, pure-play Web-site analysis vendors currently dominate the market. However, this dominance will be challenged in the future by vendors from other segments of the business intelligence and analytic applications market.

"It is becoming clear that high-end pure-play product vendors will find it increasingly necessary to expand their functionality to encompass analysis of non-Web-site data," Vesset said.

Information like the above can be found in IDC's new bulletin, Telescopes of Cyberspace: Web-Site Analysis Applications Market (IDC #B23515). This bulletin looks at the Web-site analysis applications market as a segment of the larger analytic applications market. Overviews of the landscape, drivers, and trends in this market are presented. Revenue forecasts are provided through 2004.

To purchase this bulletin, contact Cheryl Toffel at 1-800-343-4952, extension 4389, or ctoffel@idc.com.

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