Wireless ASP Market Poised for Triple-Digit Growth, Revenues to Exceed $700 Million by 2004, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, MA — OCTOBER 2, 2000 — Although the wireless application service provider space is still in its infancy, it cannot be ignored, according to IDC. Wireless application service providers (ASPs), companies that offer services ranging from message delivery to more complex applications such as CRM and sales force automation, are being developed and deployed at a rapid rate.

“While the wireless ASP space is just emerging, there is great revenue potential in the near future,” said Charul Vyas, research analyst in IDC’s Wireless and Mobile Communications program. “There are already some clear leaders in each of the three segments of the wireless ASP space: personal, collaborative, and enterprise.”

IDC expects all three categories of the wireless ASP market to increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 100% over the next few years. IDC also forecasts the wireless ASP space will see significant revenue growth in 2002 and total $732 million in revenue by 2004.

“After studying the different companies in the space, we anticipate enterprise applications will grow the fastest, achieving a 1999–2004 CAGR of 125%, and that a majority of the revenue will come from the companies in the enterprise space,” Vyas said. “The personal and collaborative wireless ASPs will total $132 million and $211 million, respectively, by 2004.”

IDC’s new report on the topic, Wireless ASPs: Who Is, Who Isn’t and Who Want to Be (IDC #B23016), contains profiles of more than 45 companies in the space, comprehensively defines what a wireless ASP is, and provides a revenue forecast broken down by the three segments. It also contains a leadership grid that compares the companies for each of the three segments. To purchase the report, contact Bruce Atlas at 1-800-343-4952 extension 4053 or at batlas@idc.com.

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