Worldwide Optical/Removable Storage Drives Will Grow 19% in 2000, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MASS., FEBRUARY 14, 2000 — The worldwide optical/removable drive market will follow up 24% unit growth in 1999 with an increase near 19% this year. The market's revenue, on the other hand, won't fare as well. During 1999, revenues managed a 12% increase. This year they won't be able to eke out even a 2% increase, according to IDC.

"Price pressure in the desktop-focused CD/DVD formats will severely impact revenues," said Wolfgang Schlichting, manager of IDC's Removable Storage research.

The big story during 2000 will be CD-RW and DVD-ROM. They will grow faster than the overall market with increases of 93% and 55%, respectively. DVD-Rec will be the highest growth segment with a 213% increase, bringing shipments to a respectable 847,000.

"CD-RW has gained a strong foothold with PC OEMs and is poised to outperform DVD-ROM as the preferred CD-ROM upgrade technology," Schlichting said. "Its high price relative to DVD-ROM is the primary limitation. Additionally, component supply shortages have slowed PC OEM enthusiasm – at least for the time being."

IDC also expects PC OEMs' enthusiasm for CD-RW to affect low-end removable magnetic drives' growth. In 1999, they earned a 41% increase. This year, IDC expects their shipments to increase 28%.

IDC's new report, Optical/Removable Storage Market (IDC #B21347) looks at factors driving demand for removable storage devices. The report shows 1998-2000 worldwide drive shipments and revenues by media type and 1998 and 1999 shipment and revenue share by vendor. Additionally, 1998-2000 shipments in the CD/DVD-Rec, 3.5in MO,5.25 optical, 12/14in. WORM, low-end removable magnetic, and high-end removable magnetic segments are shown by drive capacity. CD/DVD-ROM shipments are broken out by drive speed. To order a copy, contact Patrick Steeves at 1-800-343-4952, ext. 6787 or at

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