Worldwide PKI Revenues to Blitz Past $1 Billion by 2003, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., December 21, 1999 — Public key infrastructure (PKI) is still very much in its infancy, and many pilot projects using the technology are still ongoing. Nevertheless, market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) believes the market will take flight and revenues will soar. From a base of only $122.7 million in 1998, worldwide total PKI revenues will reach a high-flying $1.3 billion by 2003, according to IDC.

"The grand vision of public key infrastructure is the technology will become a core component of the computing infrastructure underneath all applications, even as the application travels outside the classic network borders," said Abner Germanow, senior analyst with IDC's Internet Security research program. "These types of deployments are still few and far between. Fortunately, however, developers of Internet-based applications are embracing PKI as a technology that allows for high degrees of authenticity, management, scale, and real-time key exchange in the public domain. The fact that these developers have identified PKI as a way to fulfill many of the security needs of the next generation of Internet applications is a testament to not only the technology's potential, but also to the ability for the technology to solve problems today."

According to IDC, security risk management won't be the primary factor in PKI's growth. Rather, the proliferation of strategic ecommerce and ebusiness initiatives will. "Business-to-business ecommerce activities require levels of authentication, nonrepudiation, and scale that only PKI products have the ability to provide," Germanow said.

IDC believes vendors, as well as customers, have had enough success and failure finding out what works and doesn't work with PKI to begin to develop truly viable solutions. By 2001 the world of certificate-based commerce will begin to reach consumers and continue diffusing into the way people interact on the network for a long time to come.

IDC's new report, PKI: Nothing but Pilots? (IDC #B20448), sizes the market through 2003 for public key infrastructure software products and services that create, issue, manage, validate, update, and revoke digital certificates. IDC's forecast is segmented by PKI software products and certificate authority services. Additionally, the report discusses current trends within the market and profiles PKI vendors, including the following: Baltimore Technologies, Entrust Technologies, CyberTrust, RSA Security, VeriSign, Xcert International, and others. To order a copy of the report, contact Cheryl Toffel at 1-800-343-4952, ext. 4389 or at If you are interested in IDC's Internet Security research service, contact Pat Duhl at 949-442-4038 or at

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