Y2K Experts Poll Exposes Incompletion and Complacency

New York, NY – September 30, 1999 – IDG's CIO magazine, ISACA and Dr. Ed Yardeni's Y2K Center exposes corporate ill-preparedness, complacency and misplaced vendor trust. Eighty-one percent of large, global companies polled are not Y2K ready at this time. In addition, 43% now predict project completion dates will move from the third to the fourth quarter of 1999, a significant increase of 27% since the first poll in June. In spite of the fact that 81% admit their organizations are not ready for the date rollover today, when asked about their overall assessment of Y2K compared to three months ago, 91% were still optimistic.

According to Ed Yardeni, noted economic forecaster and Y2K expert, "I am puzzled that information technology professionals are so optimistic about the impact of Y2K on their organizations. Many of them are not ready yet. They are clearly expecting a victorious outcome, which may be raising complacency levels so high that people will not prepare for any possible malfunctions and failures."

The Y2K Experts Poll is a real-time snapshot of Y2K readiness among global, large firms with an average of 1,360 suppliers. The poll is developed and deployed by an informal public-interest coalition of CIO magazine, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), and Dr. Ed Yardeni's Y2K Center. The coalition members conduct the poll among Y2K experts in an effort to help the public and their policy officials assess the Year 2000 readiness of organizations around the world. The first Y2K Experts Poll was conducted in June 1999 and the results of the first poll and the current poll are compared in this release.

For a complete version of the release please go to http://www.cio.com/info/releases/093099_y2kpoll.html

For complete findings of the poll, as well as visual documentation, please go to http://www.peoplepolls.com/surveys/cio/091599.asp