IDG Research

  • Who We Are

    IDG Research is a full-service research company, providing a broad range of services to help inform your marketing strategy and fuel content development. Whether you want to position your brand as a thought leader, fine-tune your messaging, optimize your communications, support a new product launch or enhance the customer experience, we can help.

    Leverage IDG’s data and research capabilities to uncover insights related to:

    • Market Trends/Best Practices
    • Buyer Motivations/Emotions
    • Buyer Segmentation
    • Persona Development
    • Brand Reputation/Positioning
    • Message/Creative Testing
    • Advertising Effectiveness
    • Product Concept Testing
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Digital Engagement
  • What We Do

    IDG has been helping technology marketers address their most critical business decisions for more than three decades. Our research professionals lean on IDG’s deep domain expertise to ask the right questions, enhance insights in our reporting and provide context that includes actionable opportunities.

    We develop custom approaches to meet clients’ unique needs. With access to highly qualified IT decision-makers and business decision-maker audiences across the globe, IDG delivers unmatched research programs. Whether your research needs are highly targeted to one geographic location or require significant global scale, IDG can help.

  • How We Do It

    IDG leverages our strong relationships with our audience to deliver premium access to an engaged audience. Because each project is unique, we assign a senior researcher to provide strategic oversight  from research design to final deliverables. There is no restriction on data usage with IDG – you own all the data and deliverables.

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