Managing Editor, InfoWorld

Home  San Francisco

Joined IDG  October 2009

Career Path  I started as a freelance copy editor at InfoWorld in February 2007 and was hired as a full-time employee about 18 months later. I’ve been managing editor since October 2009.

Primary job responsibilities  I keep the trains running on time. That is, I make sure stories post to the site as scheduled or at the best opportunity. If a story is delayed, I’ll find a substitute to fill out our coverage. If a story is fast-tracked, I’ll make sure we have the resources to work on it.

Three things I do in a day’s work

  • It’s all about the story, from copyediting and/or content editing to writing and/or pitching in on the headline to wrangling graphics.
  • Once the story is ready, it’s time to promote it via our home page, newsletters and social media outlets.
  • I keep an eye on our weekly and monthly schedule to see what we can get a jump on and which projects might need late-breaking attention.

What I love most about my job  Educating and informing our audience with what I hope is a lively, modern, relatable tone.

Latest accomplishment  Work: Guiding a new writer as he takes up our popular Robert X. Cringely blog. Leisure: Crocheted a lovely baby blanket.

Interests outside the office  Music, food, travel, the occasional 5K/10K

What others can’t tell just by looking at me  I’m a bigger sports fan than most people realize.